Kuleana Green Business Program

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As business citizens, they set high standards of integrity, commitment and respect in their engagement with employees, customers, community, and the environment. Mahalo for your interest in our Kuleana Green Business Program. Click here to download the Kuleana Business Application. Should you have any questions, please call our office at 329-1758.



Interested business owners complete the Kuleana Program Application and indicate how they demonstrate kuleana principles and practices in their everyday operations. This is reviewed by the Chamber’s Kuleana Program Committee, which also may conduct interviews and/or on-site inspections, request manuals, information and reports, examine relevant industry standards, and check their status with the Better Business Bureau and other relevant agencies. The Committee determines eligibility based on an overall score. Compliance can be based on the production, purchase, use, sales, or promotion of products or services according to the following criteria:

• Product/Service Quality
• Unique products / services that deliver benefits to consumers, society and the environment.
• Community Relations & Benefits
• Activities that help the community to flourish socially, culturally, and economically.
• Customer Relations
• Strategies to provide outstanding service and attain customer loyalty.
• Employee Relations
• Policies for hiring and retaining employees, and for promoting accountability
• Environmental Stewardship
• Actions to minimize the business’ impact on the land, and efforts to conserve and regenerate resources.

Click here to view Trans-Pacific Design's Kuleana Green Business qualifications



Applicants submit the completed written application along with a $20 fee to the Chamber of Commerce office. The Committee reviews the submitted materials and may collect additional information (outlined above) to make the final determination. The total score helps to determine eligibility as well as the level of membership in the program, which are distinguished by a graphic rating system.

• Level 1: Responsibility (scores of 100- 150)
• Level 2: Stewardship (scores of 150- 250)
• Level 3: Sustainability (scores of 250 & up)


Because of their commitment to the “triple bottom line” of financial, social, and environmental performance, green businesses enjoy a number of competitive advantages.

• Improved financial performance, increased profitability, greater efficiency, productivity and quality
• Increased sales from enhanced brand image, reputation, and customer loyalty
• Greater ability to attract, motivate and retain a talented workforce
• Better management of risk to their reputation, finances, and business environment

Members of the Kuleana Program enjoy many benefits.

• Use of Kuleana program logo
• Participation in collective marketing campaigns
• Recognition in the Chamber website and Source magazine with Kuleana logo            
• Eligibility for annual Kuleana Award
• Educational workshops
• Technical assistance
• Listing in member directory

Membership Period and Renewals

The Kuleana Program membership is valid for three years and coincides with the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce membership period.  An annual membership fee of $20 will be assessed each year. After each three year period, Kuleana members will receive applications and request an update if needed.  Kuleana members may choose to update their application sooner if they have achieved a higher level.  The Kuleana Green Business Program Committee reserves the right to initiate dialogue with any Kuleana member regarding its continued qualification and may request supporting documentation to address any potential qualification concerns.

Suspension or Forfeiture

The Kuleana Program Committee reserves the right to suspend or revoke membership should a business no longer meet the minimum criteria or otherwise act in violation of the intent and principles of the program.  Under such circumstances, the relevant business is no longer allowed to use or display the Kuleana logo, decal, or certificate for any purpose.

Appeals Process

Businesses have the right to appeal disqualification for membership by contacting the Program Committee Chair. The Program Committee will view or hear any evidence in support of a business’ qualification and may choose to change its rating as warranted. The result of the appeal is final and there is no additional recourse, though a business may reapply to the program the following year.